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Online Web Development Track

Comprehensive curriculum that takes you from beginner to professional, separated into four separate courses


Get your feet wet with basic HTML/CSS and build your first web page. You’ll also learn how to read and write simple programs in Ruby, one of the most popular and friendliest programming languages today.


Build a solid foundation in programming & computer science concepts via JavaScript. Also take your HTML/CSS to the next level and learn how to build mobile friendly websites with responsive web design techniques.


Turn user specifications into product features by designing, building, and launching real-world, full-stack web applications using modern tools such as Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and MySQL.


Gaining additional proficiency in application development methodologies and best practices through hands-on projects, kickstart your career preparation with career guides and tips from tech leaders in Singapore.

“Can I really learn everything? What if programming turns out to be too difficult for me?”

Modules – a guided approach to help you learn and not feel overwhelmed

Stay Focused

Follow a learning path that’s designed by professionals to block out the noise and help you focus.

Build Foundation, Achieve Mastery

Take the time you need to build a solid foundation. Gain the confidence you need before you master more advanced topics.

Save Money

Pay for only the courses and content you need, when you need them.

Hear From Our Alumni

Highest rating in Singapore


out of 5

“My experience in ALPHA Camp was extremely rewarding. I’ve built a solid foundation in technology and successfully made a career change into development. I strongly recommend ALPHA Camp to anyone looking to start a career in tech.” Raeger Tay

Web Developer @ ThoughtWorks

“The staff is experienced and understanding, they taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses. I made a lot of good relationships with people in the tech community who shared their insights. Money and time well-spent!” Stan Chin

Product Manager @ SGAG

“Under ALPHA Camp, I’ve built a strong foundation to start a career in technology. I really like their hands-on approach and the final project demo day. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in tech.” Ash Rhazaly

Technology Executive @ DBS

Apply what you learn, solve real-world problems

Best way to learn a skill is by applying it. For students in our exclusive Career Launch Pad programme, we partner with great companies who work with our students to tackle the real problems that they face and mentor them along the way.

ALPHA Camp students Kenneth and Gloria worked alongside Zalora Product team on a prototype to deliver superior online shopping experiences. They presented their work at Zalora Singapore’s headquarter.

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